With the continued division we see in our nation, I cannot help but feel Andy Andrews’ “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?” remains relevant. Amazon:… Bookshop:…

There’s a new episode of the Big Fat Geek Podcast out! We’re talking watching brand-new movies at home and the return of a beloved Star Wars character.

Everyone knows Mandalorians are heavy metal, so it’s only right that there is a metal version of The Mandalorian theme song.…

I have also been McGruff the Crime Dog.

For a summer camp in New Orleans.

New Orleans. Summer.

Fun fact: I have literally been Santa Claus. In the suit, fake beard, everything.…

Does the hoody of choice perchance speak to what’s being discussed on tonight’s recording of the Big Fat Geek podcast? Or is Chris just being fashion forward?

The last line in this article made me laugh out loud. Icing on the cake.

So @DHLUS’s tracking info says they’ve turned the package over to @USPSHelp. The @USPS tracking info says they’re awaiting the package.

Someone’s tracking system is lying, and all I know is my package has been in the metro area since Thursday and still hasn’t been delivered.

This is pretty cool.

Watch a Submarine Launch a Torpedo—From the Torpedo’s POV

For all my friends who asked me today for my reaction to this week’s episode of #TheMandalorian, does


cover it?

Due to the doctor-imposed alcohol ban, I can’t tell you the last beer I had, especially under Covid. (Maybe our trip to PA in March?)

But dammit, I turned 50 yesterday and I’m having a Temptress.

Where can I buy this?!?


Day 1 of Advent. We read about the symbolism of Christmas wreaths, and God’s love for us. Then we built an A-Wing. ✝️❤️

I would certainly rather this than the elf.

Forever our Vader. Rest in peace, Mr. Prowse. The Force will be with you, always.

Finished my 35th book of the year yesterday, an ARC of @bentleydonb’s The Outside Man. Don’s debut, Without Sanction, was a great read, and this one cranks the volume to 11! Thriller lovers will want to grab this in March!

There’s a new episode of the Sneaky Good Podcast out!…

Happy for Taysom Hill as he slings the ball in place of the injured Drew Brees, and gets two rushing touchdowns against the hated Falcons. With the defense intercepting Matt Ryan twice, and holding Atlanta to 9 points, looked like a complete team win. #WhoDat

iPhone home screen, 15 November 2020

The 2014 Nic Cage film, Dying of the Light, isn’t great, but does have a component that makes it worth watching. My review:…

My beloved and long-suffering LaCie enclosure has given up the ghost, so my Saturday night features open-drive surgery, moving the house media drive to a new home. Par-tay.

Proof that people actually win those book giveaways publishing houses push through their authors’ email lists. Guess I should slot this into the queue for a re-read, eh, @MarkGreaneybook?

Possibly the last lawn maintenance of the year: complete.

Let’s just say there was one part in today’s episode of #TheMandalorian where I bolted upright in my chair and may have cheered.