I finally finished a non-school book in 2021, @robkroese’s The Legacy of the Iron Dragon. It was a great way to pass the time on the plane ride to Omaha, and it’s a great continuation of the Iron Dragon series.

DFW🚀OMA with my hockey player to go cheer on our state champion Varsity Gold team in the national tournament. Let’s go FMM!

Second midterm exam in 30 years: done. Got an A.

On one of the busiest weeks and weekends at the end of the hockey season, this was a weight off my shoulders.

When mom brings home a new toy, but you’re just too exhausted from having done zoomies around the yard. #corgilife

I’m quite serious and sincere in asking this:

If you have to show ID to buy alcohol, get vaccinated, get a payday loan, or board a plane, why is it an imposition to show ID to vote?

What is happening in each scenario is simply proving you are who you say you are.

“Things may be tough now, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.”

The light at the end of the tunnel:

Having been reminded it’s @MikeNess’ birthday just now, I guess it’s fitting I chose a @SocialD1 shirt to wear this morning.

iPhone screen shot, 2 April 2021

I am not a Guy Ritchie fan, but that could very well be because until tonight, the only work of his I have seen was the BMW short film he did in 2002 with his then-wife Madonna, and Clive Owen. (Which was fantastic fun.)

But I thoroughly enjoyed “The Gentlemen.” Recommended.

iPhone home screen, 14 March 2021

In honor of @drewbrees announcing his retirement. There will never be another like him. #GOAT

Kids download Paramount+ app on our Apple TV. I get an email from @AppleSupport about a Paramount+ subscription trial that will need to be canceled in a month or we get charged.

Said subscription isn’t in the subscription list for the Apple account being used on the Apple TV.

There are times when YouTube rabbit holes pay off, and boy does it with this one: Larnell Lewis hears “Enter Sandman” for the first time ever, then plays it. This was fascinating to watch! (And great kicks, @Larnell_Lewis!)

Thankful the Stars got the win tonight, and thankful we got to see Jake Oettinger record his first NHL career shutout! Youngest goalie in @DallasStars history to earn his first shutout. Way to go, Jake!

I have the cutest coworker.

When you absolutely, positively need something to take 3 weeks to be delivered when it should take one, use the United States Postal Service.

A t-shirt Sheldon Cooper would certainly wear, given how he feels about most people.…

First college class in 30 years is in the books. A on my final, A in the class. Two weeks off, then on to the next one.

Thirty years ago, as poor college students, some dates were nothing more than ice cream and video games. Today, a quick date night filled with ice cream and those same video games. And I love her more now than I did then. ❤️

There is a new member of our family. Say hello to Stella Harmony Turner. You can see she is totally not spoiled already. ❤️

First #lacrosse game of the season today, and our kiddo had a hat trick and the game winner! #lax

Today my boys got to do something they may never have a chance to do again, unless they move to more northern climes: play pond hockey. In Texas.

Courtesy of my buddy, Jake, and because it’s true.

A metal music care package arrived today from @MessengerMetal. Looking forward to the back catalog, since the latest, In To Win, is fantastic fun.

First @DallasStars game of the season in the books. Fun times visiting with friends, team fought back from a two-goal deficit to send it to OT and shootout, just needed a better ending. #GoStars

Been listening to my Rock of Ages (musical/movie) inspired playlist, and when hearing “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” it never fails to make me think of this version:…