Fifteen-minute afternoon break. Need a protein pick-me-up.

Hey, greek yogurt. Perfect. Only have vanilla. No problem, drop some honey in, good to go.

No honey.

Trader Joe’s chocolate syrup made a very reasonable substitute…

Thanks to the Internet, I’ve updated Stryper’s The Yellow and Black Attack and To Hell With the Devil albums with their original artwork in my iTunes library. Not sure why I waited so long.

Adoptive & foster parents! Professionals who work with kids with trauma histories! Registration for Tapestry Conference 2021 is now open! Use code EARLYBIRD to get 20% off ANY registration between now and 8/31. In-person, or virtual!

Hey, worship leaders! You want to wake up your flocks Sunday morning?

Drop the sad pappy music and play this:…

Finally! Alwyn Cashe will receive the Medal of Honor. @CoffeeOrDieMag has the scoop.…

Speaking of The Empowered Parent Podcast, there is a new episode out, and we’re talking about connection over consequences. All parents will want to listen to this one!…

Proving once again what an excellent executive producer he is, to celebrate 125 episodes of The Empowered Parent Podcast, @Ryan_North dropped off a piece of new equipment.

Like all great producers, he keeps the talent happy.

Her life is really hard, y’all.

“Locals have asked Amazon to please ‘pick this thing up and bring it back to the warehouse’ as no one really wants it around or knows what to do with it.” 🤣…

Apparently three tiny screws have just been falling out of the bottom of my 2015 MacBook Pro. Which sits on my desk, or rides in a backpack to some place where it then sits on a desk or table. So this is a mystery to me…

Maybe vibrations from the other equipment it shares a desk with?

Speaking of Gabriel Allon, how fortuitous that the day after I finish @NickPetrie’s latest, @danielsilvabook’s arrives.

Picasso painting discovered in a Maine closet after 50 years

There was no comment from Gabriel Allon. cc @danielsilvabook

Nine years after I purchased my first noise-canceling headphones, a pair of refurbished Bose QuietComfort 15s, I’ve stepped up to wireless ANCs with these Sennheiser PXC-550-II cans.

First tracks played: Stryper’s “To Hell With the Devil” and Whitecross’ “Who Will You Follow.”

Speaking of Hollywood’s empty ideas, I see they’re going to ruin the absolute best character from the G.I. Joe comics with this stupid Snake Eyes origin movie.

And I say that as someone who likes Henry Golding as an actor. He was fantastic in The Gentlemen.

They’re rebooting Sex & the City. Just when I think Hollywood can’t be any more empty of ideas, they manage to surprise me.

Foster and adoptive parents: the new Marvel movie Black Widow is pretty great fun, but there are some heavy abandonment elements in the plot. Your kids may or may not pick up on them, but they are talked about outright. You may want to see it before they do to be sure.

I will have more to say why later, but though I didn’t serve, I feel like @TheJasonAnspach and @RealNickCole wrote Forgotten Ruin just for me. Great, fun read, with more than meets the eye. Thanks, gents.

This little girl turned one year old yesterday. Like the federal holiday, we observed her birthday today. (We hosted some friends for a pool party yesterday.) She has made quite an impact on our household in just a few months. ❤️

If only…

It’s good when a weather AI recognizes not just a true American hero, but one of the entire planet.

And tonight I learned of this little collaboration between @2CELLOS and @SteveVai:…

There’s a new episode of The Empowered Parent Podcast out today. It’s part 2 of our discussion on parenting teens, and we are joined once again by my lovely bride.…

Order shirt from @lifeisgood. Receive correct shirt, but wrong size. No biggie, just set up return/exchange. Keep it, says customer service, our mistake. We’ll send out the correct size.


Or is it? Because now I’m in danger if a twinsie situation with my spouse…

It’s what we do.

Whoa. John McAfee hanged himself in prison in Spain today.