Trying to get final edits done on the latest @SneakyGoodPod, but still cheering on my @DallasStars in Game 6. Let’s #GoStars!

The fact the State Fair of Texas put a mask on Big Tex is an outright travesty.

Look, I catnapped through most of the #LSU game because at noon I came off a 10.5-hour shift, having been up since 10 PM last night. What was @LSUfootball’s reason?

It’s the 100th episode of The Empowered Parent Podcast! Our audio engineer extraordinaire Dallas put together a best-of episode that leads off with something I’ve been wanting to put out for years: outtakes!…

Not a great sports night in our household as both the @DallasStars and @Saints lose, but it’s a now a best of five for the former and still early in the season for the latter, so we live to #GoStars and #WhoDat another day.




My hockey player taking the opening faceoff in this morning’s game. Outstanding effort by the entire squad in the 3-0 win.

I’ve been up for 22 hours now, but I’m here for you, @DallasStars. #GoStars

First varsity hockey game. First varsity hockey goal. First goal of the season for the team.

A losing effort in the end, but my hockey player played pretty great.

If you need some levity on this Labor Day, I recommend these fun short stories by @BookstoreThor, “St. George Drive and Other Stories.”

Took my Instagram account private, kicked off a bunch of followers I don’t know and have never heard of.

If you like thrillers, @bentleydonb’s Without Sanction is a can’t-miss. Moreso with the Kindle version being $2 today. Go buy it and enjoy.…

If you’re in the mood for a simple yet entertaining, straight-up revenge thriller, I can recommend Dead Body Road. It’s currently on sale for $6 on Comixology.

My subconscious is certainly falling down on the job when it comes to the dream during my post-work nap today. The dream in which the key takeaway was basically, “I should download to my Kindle the book I started reading on my phone today during breaks.” 🙄

Today, as I finished Proven Guilty, I learned @longshotauthor and I came to fantasy literature similarly. I had chickenpox in the 7th grade and my mother went to the library at school to get some books for me. She came out with The Hobbit and The Lord of the rings, and I have been hooked ever since.

Props to the in-house DJ at Rogers Place in Edmonton for rolling with @tweetgrubes’ Enya bit during video review. #LetsGoStars

Samara Ginsberg turns the Knight Rider theme into a haunting Baroque piece with her arrangement for eight cellos.

[Wave of the phin to @BookstorThor on Twitter for the link!]

I’m not saying my waking up had anything to do with the @DallasStars offense waking up for six straight goals after being down 3-0, but I’m not not saying it, either. #LetsGoStars

In case you weren’t sure of how much of a nerd I truly am, I am ridiculously excited about the new @sunniedogcom casters I just put on my Aeron.

In parenting news, my children have already asked if they can race my chair around the house.

Two chapters in to @longshotauthor’s Proven Guilty, and I had to go look up plot summaries on Wikipedia for the prior seven books to remind myself of what’s happened up to this point.

And no wonder. It’s been six years since I read Dead Beat, the prior volume.

“Texas judge chronicles 20-hour stand-off with trespassing raccoon before luring him out of house with tamales”

Yesterday, thanks to there being no new movies out due to Covid quarantines, I got to do something with my sons at our local dine-in theater I had only previously done with my father: see my favorite movie on the big screen.

Verily, I ask of thee: where in these United States is the worship leader and senior pastor with the stones to include @The_Proclaimers’ “The More I Believe” in a Sunday worship set?

Digging the GI Joe logo vibe on the shirt for my favorite firearms manufacturer.…

I had a knockoff unit of this. Maybe an Aiwa?

Anyway, it got used for a few DJing gigs during college, one of which was instrumental in laying the foundation for the first date with the woman I have been married to for 28 years.…