Verily, I ask of thee: where in these United States is the worship leader and senior pastor with the stones to include @The_Proclaimers’ “The More I Believe” in a Sunday worship set?

Digging the GI Joe logo vibe on the shirt for my favorite firearms manufacturer.…

I had a knockoff unit of this. Maybe an Aiwa?

Anyway, it got used for a few DJing gigs during college, one of which was instrumental in laying the foundation for the first date with the woman I have been married to for 28 years.…

I like the new Pong sound.

I do not like the change to Sosumi, the new Empty Trash sound, nor the new Shutter/Screen Capture sound. The classics are classics for a reason.…

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When your wife is doing a virtual happy hour in which they’re learning to make cocktails, you can steal some of the rye whiskey for day drinking.

“Seven ‘no log’ VPN providers accused of leaking – yup, you guessed it – 1.2TB of user logs onto the internet”

Remember, kids, “free” is never free.

Powerful episode of the @FDRLST Radio Hour yesterday, as @JewherIlham talks about her efforts to expose the Chinese government’s horrendous treatment of the Uyghur people. Her father has been imprisoned by the Chinese government for 7 years, and no contact with him in three.

Every year.



“So far, this is not blowing my skirt up, gentlemen.”…

Oh, the things we do for our children…

Our budding engineer built his own Millennium Falcon from plans he found, using myriad random pieces in his LEGO collection.

When you send me an unsolicited text message on behalf of a political person I did not, do not, and would not support, and your systems are screwed up so you think it’s my wife’s phone, well, you get what you get.

The Bee continues to deliver.

It’s just like that.

This afternoon I listened to @VranicarBrian’s sermon at @CoppellBible yesterday while I took care of the lawn. A great, encouraging message, full of hope for both now and the future.

More of this, Church. More of this, please.

I had not seen the episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with @KevinHart4real until today. I’m so glad I did. I feel like he and Jerry could’ve talked for another two hours and I would have laughed all the way through.

Kudos (and maybe a few curses) to @bentleydonb for keeping me up later than I should have been last night, finishing his incredible debut, Without Sanction. A great addition to the action thriller genre!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

On my walk today, I forewent my usual podcast listening for music. I got through all of @DivinerBandGr’s first album, Fallen Empires, and midway through the second, Realms of Time. Much thanks to Kelly of Divine @AggressionRadio for allowing me to discover them from his show!

New @Stryper album coming later this year, and the first single is pretty killer.

cc @ejesusfilm

Before John Wick there was Tom Knapp. Incredible mastery of one’s craft.

Wrapped up the first part of my Voltron LEGO build this afternoon with my construction partner.

Family movie night. Introducing the two younger boys to one of the greatest movies ever.

Well, I’ve gone and installed Roboto on my iPhone and it’s currently set as my main typeface in Drafts, thanks to Fontcase 2.0.

Adam’s story is worth the price of admission alone. More John Knox, please!