Let me get this straight: Ayatollah Khamenei can make outright genocidal statements against the state of Israel, but those aren’t considered “threats” or “incitement” by Twitter. But @ATVSPoseur playfully quotes SONG LYRICS and gets permanently banned for a “threat”? What a joke.

This wasn’t the way any of us wanted to see @LSUbaseball’s season end, but then few of us thought they would get this far.

Arguing the stats and ins-and-outs of Paul Maineri’s career will be for others far more versed in those arguments than I. For me, he was very gracious with his time when we met once outside Alex Box Stadium, while my oldest was on the field for the 2014 baseball camp, when he said hello, asked how I was doing, and how my son was enjoying camp. And he was gracious in posing for photos with all the camp participants as well.

Thanks for your time then, Coach, and with the Tigers. All the best.

Okay, I’m ready. Let’s #GeauxTigers! Beat the Vols!

In tonight’s edition of “Chris randomly selects songs in his iTunes library”:

There are lots of great music videos. Then there are a select few that are absolutely perfect for the song and singer/band. This is one of those.

Everything about this is great, and then Rouhier takes it up a notch by adding Shaq to the mix.…

At long last, I have made it to Rivendell.

Wow, just read the act-by-act plot of the Rock of Ages stage musical, and boy am I glad I never saw it (except for seeing @joelhoekstra13 as a member of Arsenal; that would’ve been cool). The movie version is so much lighter and funnier by comparison. And still has Joel.

Missed it being Flash Gordon, which would have been personally on brand, by a week.

Private Benjamin.


Well, my beloved 2015 MacBook Pro survives another year with being able to run the latest macOS. I mean, I haven’t installed the last two “latest” macOSes on it, but it’s nice to know I still could if I wanted to. #WWDC2021

What’s better than celebrating your anniversary a day early? Having a teenager who can watch younger siblings and the timing to go out on your anniversary after all the other activities are done.

iPhone home screen, 6 June 2021

Twenty-nine years tomorrow that we tied the knot. Celebrating this evening; she’s still my favorite. 😉

Friends, if you have a Ring doorbell and don’t want to be part of Amazon’s creepy Sidewalk program that co-opts your device to be part of their network, the setting to disable can be found thus: 1. In the Ring app, tap the hamburger menu in the upper left of the screen 2. Select Control Center 3. Scroll down to the section marked Community Control (creepy) 4. Select Amazon Sidewalk 5. Slide the button from Enabled to Disabled 6. Done!

You have to do this before Tuesday, June 8th, or you are opted-in against your will. More info:…

Three years ago yesterday. Can’t wait to do this again soon, @stryper / @michaelhsweet!

Part 2 of a “dads only” recording of The Empowered Parent Podcast is now on the air. Ryan and I talk about being present with our kids, with some practical application.…

To show what a sensitive fellow I am, I offset the Punisher skull socks with Grogu (aka “Baby Yoda”) ones.

Remember why Monday is a national holiday. Take a few moments to honor our fallen.

I do not recommend losing one’s grip on a pressure washer set to maximum and allowing it to come into contact with one’s unshod big toe.

It’s been a while since I’ve revisited Anberlin’s debut album. I really shouldn’t wait so long next time. So good.

Amen, and amen.

When I turn on the TV to find my TiVo recording a cricket game from India, I tend to question the ruthless effectiveness of machine learning.

When Mom puts peanut butter in the treat hole of your chew toy.

(She’s not let go of that thing for at least 10 minutes.)

After a too-long hiatus, I got back this past week to finishing the series Longmire. Finished the fifth season last night. Hoo boy.