Johnny has been restored to his place of honor in the study.

One benefit of quarantine is I finally got around to fixing the frame for my @theinkwellian commissioned Boba Fett art so it can go back up on the wall.

Re-upping this great cover/mash-up from about 18 months ago. Dream Patrol combines Bruce Dickinson’s “Tattooed Millionaire” with a little Van Halen.…

There is some real gallows humor, some nearly off the rails, in the Liam Neeson vehicle, Cold Pursuit. It’s certainly not high cinema, nor even the best among Neeson’s post-Taken, debt-repayment movies. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

I wonder how it compares to the original Norwegian film, In Order of Disappearance.

In totally nerdy news, I have decided on a new icon set for Calibre. Numix looks right at home in macOS.

To be fair, social distancing (minus the germaphobia) from most people has been my default operating system for decades.

Props to Jon for the White Claw reference.

Now if we could just get him to shoot video in landscape instead of portrait… πŸ˜‰…

Had a family movie viewing of Disney’s Onward this afternoon. Fantastic and fun! Just for the fantasy RPG elements alone, this may have vaulted into my Pixar top 5.

Sous chef helping prepare the evening’s gastrointestinal delights.

Found the receipt for what remains my favorite Mac portable, a 12-inch PowerBook G4. The dead-tree version came in this lovely receipt holder. Any interest, @ismh?

Found my Mac OS X Public Beta receipt from September 2000. Anyone remember how much that cost?

Using quarantine time to clean out old folders. Just came across my non-disclosure agreement with Bare Bones for beta testing @bbedit 6 back in 2001. cc @siegel


Hey, @DallasStars fans! Our broadcast team clocks in at #2 in the league in “The 2020 NHL broadcast rankings: The best and worst markets to watch the games”. Way to go, team!

Settling in to watch this week’s #StrikeBack. After last week’s doozy, well….

You have to love the way the Amazon warehouse algorithms and shipping supply systems work. Hardcover book? Ship it in a box surrounded by bubblewrap. Two 2.5-inch external drives? Just throw those in a slightly-padded envelope. πŸ™„

New patch for my GoRuck, Breast Cancer research fundraising edition.

Well, I just saw the Artemis Fowl trailer for the first time. I never got around to reading the books before letting any of the boys read them (and none of them have done that, either). So I don’t know if I should be outraged or not. πŸ˜‰

Prepping a MacBook to be shipped to a repair depot, and used Dropbox on the web to remote wipe the Dropbox folder from the damaged MacBook. Watching it happen in real time on what little of the MacBook’s screen I could see was akin to sorcery. Pretty cool.

Incredible work by Filip Hodas in “Pop culture dystopia.” Part 1:… Part 2:…

Y’all can guess which is my favorite…

Finished Scott Reardon’s The Prometheus Man, making it the 10th book I have read this year. It didn’t have the intensity of it’s sequel, The Dark Continent, but was very satisfying nonetheless. πŸ“š

The updated, but still incomplete @robkroese shelf. Awaiting my physical copy of “The End of All Things” to complete the Counterfeit Sorcerer series, and I seem to have mislaid “Mercury Shrugs,” “The Wrath of Cons,” and a pair of Dis books.


A reminder, LSU sports fans, as you are quarantined at home, needing something to do: we are, too, but we still managed to record a Sneaky Good podcast last week for your enjoyment.

Got the first lawn maintenance of the year out of the way today. Had a new guy on the crew.