There’s a new episode of the Sneaky Good Podcast out!…

Happy for Taysom Hill as he slings the ball in place of the injured Drew Brees, and gets two rushing touchdowns against the hated Falcons. With the defense intercepting Matt Ryan twice, and holding Atlanta to 9 points, looked like a complete team win. #WhoDat

iPhone home screen, 15 November 2020

The 2014 Nic Cage film, Dying of the Light, isn’t great, but does have a component that makes it worth watching. My review:…

My beloved and long-suffering LaCie enclosure has given up the ghost, so my Saturday night features open-drive surgery, moving the house media drive to a new home. Par-tay.

Proof that people actually win those book giveaways publishing houses push through their authors’ email lists. Guess I should slot this into the queue for a re-read, eh, @MarkGreaneybook?

Possibly the last lawn maintenance of the year: complete.

Let’s just say there was one part in today’s episode of #TheMandalorian where I bolted upright in my chair and may have cheered.

Having @robkroese’s latest book dropping tomorrow when I’m already in the middle of an ARC for one book with another ARC in the pipeline is, quite frankly, a great problem to have as a reader.

The tables are turned on the latest Empowered Parent Podcast as Kayla interviews me and Ryan on the dad perspective of connected parenting. There’s also an amusing discussion on the naming of grandparents!

At long last there is a new episode of the Big Fat Geek Podcast out, and we’re talking The Mandalorian!…

Due to my oldest’s hockey game, and recording the first new @bigfatgeekpod episode in nine months, I had to record the Saints game. At least I could fast-forward where necessary and watch in half the time, but my oh my, what a dominant performance by the Saints. #WhoDat!

Things were afoot this evening!

Among all the myriad things wrong with this election, can we discuss why @Raising_Canes refuses to accept my email as a legitimate email address for account purposes? Disenfranchisement!

The new single from @chaoticresembl, “Unto the Lamb”, really kicks butt. Masterful work, as always, from @SirOzFox in his guest appearance.…

Consequently, I finished this year’s Jack Reacher novel on the same date of the year as I did last year’s Jack Reacher novel. 📚

I finished reading *The Sentinel by Lee and Andrew Child. I can see why some say the collaboration isn’t as good as Lee by himself, but I say give it time. I still enjoyed another Reacher novel. 📚

I just read the description for @AlexBerenson’s new book coming out in February, and I may have to see about an advance copy from NetGalley…

I’m a little proud of myself for the episode title of the latest @SneakyGoodPod.…

Bo Pelini defenses: making adequately serviceable quarterbacks look like Heisman contenders. #LSUvsAU #FirePelini

Leave Pelini on the plains. #LSUvsAU

Now I’ve caught up to live, and must endure Gary with everyone else. We suffer together, y’all. #LSUvsAU

The great thing about watching the #LSUvsAU game from the beginning, as I just got home, is that I can fast-forward through the in-between plays and not listen to Gary.

Who had two goals in his team’s big win to open this weekend’s #lacrosse tournament? This guy! #lax #FMLA

I also have money to throw at Lucasfilm/Disney for a print of a certain piece of concept art shown during #TheMandalorian Chapter 9’s closing credits.