“Last January, Clemson announced itself as college football’s preeminent power by shoving Alabama into a dumpster during the national title game. This January, Burrow peeked into that dumpster and realized there was enough room for Clemson too.”

Greatest season in #LSU football history.

Greatest season in college football history.

I am so sports happy right now. #GeauxTigers

Now we’re doing shots of mead brought back from the UK yesterday. #GeauxTigers

LSU Jello shots. When you know you’re in the home of true LSU alumni. #GeauxTigers

Muffulatas, barbecued shrimp, crawfish casserole. Coffee stout. National championship food form, too. #GeauxTigers

Game day meal acquired earlier. #GeauxTigers

Better late than never, and just in time for y’all to give a listen before tonight’s championship game: the latest Sneaky Good podcast!


This little guy turned 15 today, so of course we had to get him a birthday treat to celebrate.

I heartily recommend Rob’s Iron Dragon trilogy (disclaimer: I backed it on Kickstarter). I have been reading Rob’s books since the third in the Mercury series was out, and he has really hit his stride as a writer in the Iron Dragon books.…

The first Sneaky Good podcast of 2020 is online, and we’re talking about LSU’s domination of Oklahoma in the college football playoff semifinal.…

Been under the weather this weekend, so the first occupant of my new ATVS koozie is some Topo Chico.

I’m not sure what the rest of y’all are doing, but my wife made chocolate cake to celebrate LSU’s demolishing of Oklahoma. #GeauxTigers

Couldn’t ask for a better start than that! #GeauxTigers

Today’s pregame preparations.

The skydiving has overtaken the surgeon as my favorite “just OK is not OK” commercial.

Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, my little green friend.

I get the college football fun of Mike Leach’s quips and his offensive schemes, but I’m totally pulling for Air Force in this bowl game. Unless they’re playing my team, I always root for the service academies.

Being at the annual Christmas Eve party of Louisiana college friends means LSU trees, gumbo, and muffulettas.

God bless us, everyone! Thanks so much, @valleyshook. Appreciate it, PK!

At long last, all three geeks are back behind the mics, and we’re talking Rise of Skywalker on the latest Big Fat Geek podcast!

Finished up last of the holiday shopping today, and when I saw this, I instantly thought of @TheBrometheus and his son Rampage.

Double the Sneaky Good podcasts, double the Sneaky Good fun! SEC Champions! Heisman Winner! We’ve got it all!…

“Why do you not want to go on a cruise, Chris?”

“Gee, I don’t know.”

The passing of an American who died in Vietnam, and lived long after.…