Also a nice self-own in the Christmas Vacation-inspired Mach-E commercial with the line “when cars used to make sounds.” #MakeMuscleCarsRoarAgain

The Mustang Mach-E is an utter travesty. Looks nothing like a Mustang, for one. More like a mix between a Tesla Model X and a Mazda crossover.

Speaking of new (to me) music acts, however, shoutout to @WildmanandSteve for turning me on to @Chaoticresembl and @WytchHazelBand in 2020. I have enjoyed both bands’ music immensely.

Getting notifications from Amazon Music about all the new music and new artists from 2020 while I’m listening through the 1980s and 90s catalog of a Christian metal band I never heard much about as a teenager.

Just schooled two of my children in back-to-back games of basketball.

The score was closer with the 9 year-old than with the 17 year-old.

In Die Hard 2, the Christmas movie sequel, John McClaine is waiting for his wife at the airport in Washington, D.C., and talks to her from…a Pacific Bell pay phone. Some set dresser forgot to cover that up.

Y’all thought I was joking about watching Die Hard, didn’t y’all?

Guess I should hurry up and watch Die Hard. Because it’s not really Christmas until Hans Gruber falls from Nakatomi Tower.

Wishing everyone a very Mandalorian Christmas, and a Bountiful New Year!

Boy, am I glad my heart is right with Jesus. #GuinnessIsGoodForYou…

All the talk of The Great Conjunction, and all I can think of is this:…

Yes, yes, @quiethandfilms! Join the rest of us Sith dads!…

On the latest Big Fat Geek Podcast, we’re talking more Mandalorian, and what we think about the future of Star Wars given Disney’s recent announcements.…

There’s a new episode of the Sneaky Good Podcast out, and we’re recapping LSU’s sweet victory over Florida in the foggy Swamp.…

There’s a new episode of the Empowered Parent Podcast out, and it’s all about the holidays!…

We have lost a legend.

Rest in peace, Mr. Bulloch.…

Like I wasn’t going to buy this when presented the opportunity.

Online sellers, please, PLEASE, give me an option to pay extra to NOT have it come via @USPS. I have two packages which have arrived in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex according to tracking, and have now inexplicably disappeared into the status “In Transit, Arriving Late.” 🙄

RIP John le Carré…

Things overheard at board game night:

“I have to spawn a monster.”

“Shouldn’t have eaten so much pizza.”

Regarding #LSUvsFL 2020:



Hey everyone! It’s @agiletortoise’s birthday! Let’s celebrate by downloading & subscribing to his incredible @draftsapp, the best way to process text on iOS! (Also for Mac.) I use it everyday, all the time, including for this post!

Happy birthday, Greg! 🎉

I’m partial to Han Snow-lo, Luke Snowalker, Darth Spreader, Snow Destroyer, and Snow Trooper, but David Plowie and Sir Grits A Lot are fantastic.

Well, this week’s episode of #TheMandalorian certainly got the blood pumping.

Happy new @SignumRegis music day, everyone!…