Rest in peace, sweet Winston. You were a very good boy.

Not only was the autographed bookplate for @MansfieldWrites’ latest book, Men on Fire personalized, the envelope it arrived in was hand-written as well. Thank you, sir!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m most looking forward to the volcanic honey badgers and the bearricanes.…

“Electric Jesus followed you”

Of course, @ejesusfilm, this instantly made me think of Bride’s “Psychedelic Super Jesus”

As an ‘80s kid who was into Christian hair metal bands big-time, I cannot wait to see this.…

My favorite pop-punk band—seriously, if the Ramones and the Go-Gos had a love child, it would be *The Dollyrots*—has put out an album of all the covers they’ve done, and it’s so much fun. Support an indie band giving their spin on favorite tunes!

Twenty-eight years ago today.

On @BookstoreThor’s recommendation, I listened to @VerbalDiorama’s episode on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. If anyone can make the objectification of Jude Law sound utterly adorable, it’s her. Must be the accent. 😉

Also, her episode on Dredd is spot on.

There’s a new episode of The Empowered Parent Podcast out! We interview foster and adoptive parent Jillana Goble about her work helping foster kids in Oregon, and her book No Sugar Coating: The Coffee Talk You Need About Foster Parenting.

You have never heard Black Sabbath’s “Changes” the way Charles Bradley performs it. Stunning and heartbreaking.

What do you get when you mashup Danzig and The Temptations? Yes, I said Danzig and The Temptations. You get “Mother Was a Rolling Stone.”

In case anyone needs a break from all the bad news, I saw baby ducks on my walk today.

Shout out to the @EmilyBestler/@AtriaBooks/@simonschuster staffer who hand-addressed my and who knows how many other envelopes for the sweet @JackCarrUSA patch.

Retrophisch Review: The Man Who Never Was

College Memories Abound Tonight

Alright, time to bid farewell to the Pritchett clan. I’m watching the series finale of Modern Family.

Trevor, a former barista and current coffee roaster, has a great little ebook on brewing the best coffee that costs, for some, less than your super-fancy coffee from Starbucks.…

“Before Covid-19, some of us had so many material and social needs met that we didn’t even know we needed them. More importantly, we didn’t know how much we were using all our stuff and experience to make up for the vacuity in our souls that has needed to be filled with love for longer than we knew, but that we have instead laden with other merchandise, material and otherwise.” —Curt Thompson, What Do You Want?

My beloved crafted some outstanding homemade pico de gallo for dinner tonight!

A thoughtful post from @ayjay on the bad experience of long-form writing on Twitter. Death to the Twitter thread!

Deleted my MeWe account. I hadn’t posted to it since October, and rarely think about it. And the six people I was connected to on there I am already connected to, or could be, on Twitter.

A rare moment of brothers not fighting…

Jackson McKay used footage from Rogue One and Star Wars Episodes IV-IX to create a tribute to his favorite starfighter, the X-Wing.

Conrad Heyer was born in 1749, fought as part of the Continental Army in the American Revolution, and was photographed in 1852 at 103 years of age.

Waved and said hello to @FINALLEVEL (aka Ice T to everyone not on Twitter) as he was getting into a cab at the Adolphus in Dallas in 1998. He did say hello back. 🙂…