A couple of nights ago, I finally got around to watching Zombieland: Double Tap. A funny and fine sequel to the original.

If you haven’t seen it and plan to, watch the credits all the way to the end.

Some timely and hopeful words from Dr. Curt Thompson, a man whom I am honored to know.

At long last, there is a new episode of the Empowered Parent Podcast! In a timely release, we’re talking about stress, and doing the detective work of helping our kids recognize when they are getting stressed.

There were many musical artists who made early impressions on me growing up, mostly country, thanks to my father’s listening habits: the Highwaymen of Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson (whom I’m named after), Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson; John Denver; Elvis; the Beatles; the Statler Brothers (the first concert I can remember going to); and Kenny Rogers. Though most people will always remember him for “The Gambler,” I was treated to his entire catalog of the ‘70s and ‘80s. “Love Will Turn You Around” will always be a favorite. RIP, Mr. Rogers.

Oh look, one of my other podcasts has a new episode out today. Behold, the quarantine edition of the Sneaky Good Podcast!

Lock and load, casual nerds, there’s a new episode of the Big Fat Geek Podcast! We’re talking about John Wick Chapter 2!

A happy and prosperous Newroz to our Kurdish friends, wherever they may be. Be careful jumping over those fires as you welcome the arrival of spring!

Scott Reardon’s The Dark Continent, which I reviewed on my blog, is on sale for Kindle for 99 cents for the next three days. Definitely recommended.

Retrophisch Review: The Dark Continent πŸ“š

I’m two-thirds of the way through Scott Reardon’s “The Dark Continent,” and it’s probably not the kind of book to be reading in the middle of a pandemic, but man, I cannot put it down. πŸ“š

Today’s adventure.

Did you get a private concert from an incredible singer-songwriter tonight? Thanks, @rosskingmusic and @stacinking!

Today I finished that rat bastard @robkroese’s “The End of All Things,” the conclusion of his fun Counterfeit Sorcerer fantasy series. Delightfully entertaining, I highly recommend it. πŸ“š

Chris, if you like it so much, why are you being mean and insulting to Rob?

He knows why.

Amen, and amen.

The β€œoffice” today does not suck.

When your marriage retreat gets cancelled, but you’re already there and another attendee shares your sense of humor…

My next band name is going to be Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

Watched Ford vs Ferrari with my bride this evening. What an outstanding film. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

When in Philly…

In a game in which they never trailed, @lsumenslacrosse downs Texas Tech 10-5 to go 1-1 on their north Texas road trip. Glad we got to see them play! #GeauxTigers

LSU vs Texas Tech lacrosse on a cold and windy Sunday morning at the University of North Texas. #GeauxTigers

Even though @lsumenslacrosse falls to SMU 16-6, still glad we got to see another #LSU team play in Dallas, and our 8 year-old, new-to-lacrosse player got to see his first collegiate lacrosse game.

“You are looking live…”

LSU vs SMU lacrosse. A different sort of Friday night lights in Dallas, Texas. #GeauxTigers

This is truth.

I don’t see how such a system would ever possibly be abused. πŸ™„

China adapts surveying, mapping, delivery drones to enforce world’s biggest quarantine and contain coronavirus outbreak

Oh look: “The most popular types of drones are those with megaphones that can broadcast propaganda messages and public health updates.”