His Rubble & Ruin series is outstanding, and the enjoyment will last longer than the coffee you’ll spend as much on.…

Need some help, folks. I’m having trouble remembering the name of a book I read a while back. It’s a modern-authored fantasy of the old German Nibelungenlied, Siegfried was the main character, there was this theme of treasure at the bottom of the Rhine running through it, I think there was a dragon….it’s killing me that I cannot remember this. Anyone?

Zach Williams - No Longer Slaves (Live from Harding Prison)

Google uses Gmail to track a history of things you buy — and it’s hard to delete

May I suggest @ProtonMail, @FastMail, or email on a server you own/pay for? #FreeIsntFree

I’ve always been partial to “jackwagon” and “son of a nutcracker”.…

I sincerely hope everyone has a group of friends they can call on at a moment’s notice for support and prayer. I am very blessed in this regard, and thankful for and to them.

Even with all the plot holes I’ve had time to think about, still thoroughly enjoyed Avengers: Endgame the second time around.

Date night, and seeing Avengers: Endgame again!

Had lunch with my teenage-years mentor and spiritual big brother Tony today. First time we’d seen one another in 25+ years.

All you need to know about my thoughts of John Wick 3 is I am already plotting how many times I can see it before it concludes its run in theaters, including the budget ones.

Just a sampling of the speakers in this theater. I look forward to the bass rumbling my insides as John Wick strangles an antagonist.

Locked and loaded for John Wick 3 with this guy!

We’re going back to basics on the latest episode of The Empowered Parent Podcast. We dissect–not literally– the most important organ in the human body: the brain!…

Yep. Wasn’t emotionally ready. #BigBangTheory

It’s getting a little late in the evening for this kind of heavy thinking.…

Wait, the series finale of #BigBangTheory is tonight?!? I don’t think I’m emotionally prepared for this.

My Everyman Hideout 5-Way Commuter Pack is still available. Come one, come all.

An evergreen reminder and prayer.

Wave of the phin to Twitter pal @JarrettRush for the link.

Buckle up and hold on to your dragon’s scales, there’s a new episode of the Big Fat Geek Podcast out! Nathan and I discuss the first three episodes of Game of Thrones’ last season. Spoilers abound!

I would expect nothing less from Lucifer’s minions.…

“Migrating to a Google Account means turning all your Nest data over to Google—data that previously had been kept separate.”

Gosh, if only someone could have foreseen this coming.

Having just finished the next-to-last #GameofThrones with @bekindtobignate, I kind of wish we’d been recording our reactions during. We have SO MANY THEORIES.

Mothers’ Day 2017, 2018, 2019. The hockey player is in skates in all three shots with his mom, aka my amazing wife. Happy Mothers’ Day sweetheart!

This story on Hagoromo chalk is fascinating. It also sounds like something up @patrickrhone’s alley.

Finished Gone by Dawn, by Tom Wood, a novella that hearkens back to a time earlier in the Victor series. 📚