My non-hockey but musical kid got to meet @DallasStars music meister @tweetgrubes tonight. Thanks for showing him how you run things, Grubes!

iPhone home screen, 2 April 2019

Taking my non-hockey kid to the @DallasStars game because his school band is performing in the AAC South Plaza before tonight’s game. Then he gets to meet @tweetgrubes!

Because who doesn’t want some “Boogie Woogie Piano” while catching a train in London?

I am five years behind the curve, but today I learned of the 2CELLOS’ cover of “Thunderstruck”.

I may or may not have totally ripped off @Gabz’s typography modifications to the Kiko theme for because his site is so clean and readable. 😬

Time for the Veep season premiere!

Strike Back season finale time!

The use of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for this Godzilla trailer is inspired.…

I fully support such legislation.…

Finished the latest in Nick Petrie’s Peter Ash series while my SUV was getting serviced this morning. My only complaint about these books is that Nick cannot write them fast enough. He’s easily vaulted into my list of must-read authors. 📚

Finished Mark Greaney’s latest Gray Man thriller last night on the plane ride home. Can’t recommend this series enough. 📚

I feel it’s highly ironic I wear this shirt today, when we are suffering our FOURTH delay while flying @AmericanAir this weekend (three on Thursday). Apparently I’m not going as many places.

I pray everyone has at least one friend who gets and accepts them. I am blessed to have more than one.

Looks like I have a new sticker to go on the MacBook Pro! Thanks, @manton!

This dude has been in my musical wheelhouse tonight at the @DallasStars game: Jimmy Eat World, Living Colour, Crüe, Maiden, Alter Bridge, so much more. Thanks, @tweetgrubes!

I don’t watch Narcos: Mexico, but this promo is awesome.

Studio Movie Grill Atari. Of course, it’s much, much cooler when the traditional initials are used: SMG Atari.…

It’s true, I had a lot of fun working “Clank!” into sentences and phrases it might not otherwise go.…

AKA “Oh crap, is this another possible regulatory lawsuit?”…

AKA “Covering our butts for possible regulatory lawsuits”…

The circled area literally made me laugh out loud.…

Potential awful news on the international adoption front.

Celebratory dinner at Mooyah with my hockey player for two of his favorite things: burgers and milkshakes.

18-0. Couldn’t be more proud of these kids and how hard they worked all season.