@cn I would think normal shipping insurance on their part would do so, but that is a valid point.

@Miraz I'm certain that will be the case.

@jack I run a similar setup, albeit with a larger ergonomic keyboard. Once you get used to it, it's a great way to interact and control.

@patrickrhone @jakelacaze I have been known to make Patrick jealous with photos of gumbo and po-boys.

@jakelacaze Currently in DFW area as well.

@jean In New Orleans, we had drive-thru daiquiri shops.

(They still do, we just haven’t lived there in over 20 years.)

@odd I have it on good authority she actually detests it. Our teenager just brings home extra cookies. 🙂

@odd Strangely enough, the attorney I sleep with has refused to comment.

@justajot I imagine watching The Mandalorian (second time around for me) is going to prompt a re-watch of Clone Wars and Rebels for me and my oldest, and a first-time viewing of those by the rest of the household.

@odd That's exactly what stuntman Dar Robinson did in Stick, a Burt Reynolds movie from 1985.

@frostedechoes It was by the service desk at our local Market Street. YMMV.

@jmreekes Welcome to 2020, right? /sigh

@Omrrc Yes, indeed. That was an instant addition to my music library.

@macgenie Will file for reference when I get there. 🙂

Honestly, it’s a weird feeling to know intellectually one’s age, but still be disbelieving of it. I don’t feel 50 in my head, though my body certainly disagrees.

@Cheri Thank you, Cheri!

@Miraz Thanks, Miraz! It was delightfully smooth. 🙂

@Cheri I've been to two of his book signings here in Dallas. He's very nice, and his books are great. He's among my must-reads in the thriller genre.

@stevepbrady It says you have excellent taste in westerns.

@frostedechoes Ugh. I hadn't learned that yet. Horrendous.

@cn I found the Airwolf one!

@frostedechoes Which is basically Mullvad, which I like. I'm not using it full-time, because quite frankly, it doesn't fail gracefully. I'm still mainly on TunnelBear. But I like Mullvad's setup: $5/month, no contracts or subscriptions, etc.

@JohnPhilpin Yes, those are genius. “No woman no cry.”

@JohnPhilpin I’m not sure it’s always a bot, so much as scripted. The response a friend of mine got seems too intelligent for a bot:

@odd Thank you. Now I know where to look should I get bored with what I'm listening to. 😉

@odd They got back together in 2004 and put out their first album in 15 years, Reborn, in 2005. They've put out five other albums since then. And they're still touring. The last time I saw them was in Dallas two years ago.