@cn I found the Airwolf one!

@frostedechoes Which is basically Mullvad, which I like. I'm not using it full-time, because quite frankly, it doesn't fail gracefully. I'm still mainly on TunnelBear. But I like Mullvad's setup: $5/month, no contracts or subscriptions, etc.

@JohnPhilpin Yes, those are genius. “No woman no cry.”

@JohnPhilpin I’m not sure it’s always a bot, so much as scripted. The response a friend of mine got seems too intelligent for a bot:

@odd Thank you. Now I know where to look should I get bored with what I'm listening to. 😉

@odd They got back together in 2004 and put out their first album in 15 years, Reborn, in 2005. They've put out five other albums since then. And they're still touring. The last time I saw them was in Dallas two years ago.

@miraz @macgenie @gpittman @helgeg @maique @cm Thank you all for your kind words about the post and sentiments about Winston. I appreciate it.

@frostedechoes It’s been a long time coming; this was my birthday present in December 2018. He’s my future engineer/architect/scientist, and has been dying to help put this together.

@gpittman Thanks so much, Greg, for the kind words and the sentiments. Much appreciated.

@macgenie Thanks, Jean. Things will feel a little more empty around here for a while.

@Miraz Thank you, Miraz.

@patrickrhone Hey, you rocked the look then, I have no doubt you can pull it off now. Only with the distinguishing grey we older fellows tend to have. 😉

@chet Wow, that is not good.

@chet I tend to use shave lotions, but the Harry's shave gel isn't bad at all. It's probably right behind Gillette's foaming gel for me (i.e., my face) when it comes to gels.

@chet The last time I picked up Harry’s razors, I did so at Target.

@desparoz Wonderful!

(Note to self: if ever in Iceland...)

@mwerickson The Soul of Shame is great, as is his first book, Anatomy of the Soul. The latter is dense, and what I mean by dense is you're going to read a paragph or two and then have to sit and chew on your thoughts of it, or sit thinking to yourself, "Wow," or "Oh, man" or something similar. So it takes a while to get through just because you're stopping often for reflection. Or maybe that was just me. 😉

And of course there's all the articles he posts on his web site, like you found with "A Body of Work."

@mwerickson Pretty much anything by Curt is recommended. Great man, who loves himself some baseball, too. 😃

@poetalegre Thank you! I think we'll keep him on. 😉

@desparoz Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

@stevepbrady I'm a big fan of Ronin. A real thinking man's action flick. And Frankenheimer definitely brought the aesthetic of those old Cold War spy films to it.

@smith Times like these, I wish supported GIFs in the apps so I could use my favorite Bill Murray-from-Zombieland thank-you bow GIF. So, thank you!

@Bruce Still in the jar WHERE IT BELONGS. 😉

@chet Oh lord, considering the culinary delights available in that city, I would hope the only time you’d require McDonald’s might be at the airport.

I’m thinking a fried shrimp poboy from Parkway could be life changing.

@Gabz I was working at the CompUSA in the Metairie suburbs outside New Orleans when Windows 95 was released. And I was a diehard Mac guy at the time. Fun times.