@cn Love that movie.

@marmanold Fantastic! Congratulations! May our Father forever look with favor upon your ministry.

@cn There are entries on Wikipedia of top box office by year. I believe they defaulted to the US.

@odd Thank you!

@MereCivilian Thank you!

@Ron Thank you, sir!

@pimoore Thank you!

@toddgrotenhuis What's funny is that I've seen them live more since they got back together in 2003 than I ever got a chance to do as a teenager in the '80s.

@odd Yep, got back together in 2003, and have been releasing new material since 2005.

@cn The funny thing is, they weren't trying to spoof my or any email address on the domain. It was just run-of-the-mill spam.

@jakelacaze Subscribed.

@Gaby Amen and amen. And my ears are much cooler without the full-size muffler headphones on.

@Gaby Check out their prior EP, too! 🎸🎡🀘🏻

@cn I would think normal shipping insurance on their part would do so, but that is a valid point.

@Miraz I'm certain that will be the case.

@jack I run a similar setup, albeit with a larger ergonomic keyboard. Once you get used to it, it's a great way to interact and control.

@patrickrhone @jakelacaze I have been known to make Patrick jealous with photos of gumbo and po-boys.

@jakelacaze Currently in DFW area as well.

@jean In New Orleans, we had drive-thru daiquiri shops.

(They still do, we just haven’t lived there in over 20 years.)

@odd I have it on good authority she actually detests it. Our teenager just brings home extra cookies. πŸ™‚

@odd Strangely enough, the attorney I sleep with has refused to comment.

@justajot I imagine watching The Mandalorian (second time around for me) is going to prompt a re-watch of Clone Wars and Rebels for me and my oldest, and a first-time viewing of those by the rest of the household.

@odd That's exactly what stuntman Dar Robinson did in Stick, a Burt Reynolds movie from 1985.

@frostedechoes It was by the service desk at our local Market Street. YMMV.

@jmreekes Welcome to 2020, right? /sigh