@chet I would offer dining suggestions, but so much as changed since I last visited there, much less lived there (pre-Katrina). So I had to go to my friend Zach, who lives just up the road in Baton Rouge and regularly visits family in New Orleans, where he's from. When I asked him for recommendations, he said: "Cochon and Peche are great. Felix’s is in the quarter as well. Turkey and the Wolf is supposed to be good, and Parkway for a poboy is de rigeur."

And of course, there's always Cafe du Mond in Jackson Square for beignets and coffee. Enjoy!

@chet Jealous. I miss the homeland some times.

@marmanold @joshuapsteele The United Methodist Church I grew up in (in the Catholic stronghold of south Louisiana) always served grape juice in the little plastic shot glasses.

@jack Ha! Yeah, something similar crossed my mind. More like /remember-when…

@smith Looks great on mobile. I have the K2 as well and love it.

@martinfeld Winston

@macgenie Pull the trigger, Jean. Dogs are the best!

@Bruce He's not named Winston for nothing!

@Miraz All the treats! He's such a sweetheart. Just the best puppers. He's even fun in his grumpy old man stage.

@macgenie He does, though treats of this particular nature are now rare. His kidneys are failing, and his diet has been adjusted for that.

I'm just glad after a rough December that he's mostly back to normal.

@macgenie I had to go back 32 years to high school French to catch that one. The cake was indeed rich! (My wife loves her some frosting.)

@cn I thought that one went without saying...

@chet “Oh my God, is that going to be me some day?”

@colinwalker The absolute brutality of the reviewer is something else.

@manton I didn't realize Twisted Root had migrated out of the DFW metroplex. Great, great burgers. Love their onion rings.

@Gabz @ChrisJWilson @hjertnes Any of y'all shoot sports of any sort with your 4/3 setups? I've been considering a new camera system; my old Canon Digital Rebel XT can't keep up with the hockey action my oldest is engaged in. Since I'm looking at a whole new body to start, I'm not wedded to staying with Canon EOS. Due to the more compact nature and lighter weight, I'd prefer a 4/3 system, but it and the lens need to be able to capture at speed. Thoughts? Thanks!

@marmanold I've always maintained that Matthew and Luke are the detectives, slowly buiding the case, while Mark and John are the SWAT team that kick the door down. The writing style is also why the latter two are easiest for new Christians to read.

@ChrisReed Remember, only have one Velvet Hammer.

@cn Sure. 😉

@Miraz Awww, poor sweet baby. I'm so sorry, Miraz.

@chet My dad collected $2 bills and Kennedy 50-cent coins for years and years. The latter because he was stationed on the USS John F. Kennedy when in the Navy, and every sailor was given such a coin having served on it.

I had quite a lot of fun fooling my friends about $2 bills when I was a kid, then wowing them by showing them one from Dad's collection.

@Ron I have heard nothing but good things about Nord, so much so that earlier this year, I looked into switching to them. It was solid on my Macs, but simply could not maintain a connection on my iPhone. The VPN wouldn't connect even when the phone was sitting on my desk at home for hours at a time and not moving! I finally had to cancel the service and resume using TunnelBear. TB is a little slower than Nord, but of the 5 VPN services I've tested and used, it is the best at maintaining a connection for me and in the rare cases when it fails, fails gracefully. I definitely recommend TunnelBear.

@chet The worst is that local news is always featuring someone’s phone video of a storm, or traffic, or an accident, etc., and it’s always vertical video. Gah!

@chet You bet. We share a vocation. Stay-at-home dads stick together. 💪🏻🤝

@chet Ordered! Looking forward to this.